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  • ✨ Learn all about your Aura & Energetic Design
    ✨ Embody your Unique Superpowers & authentically shine. 
    ✨ Awaken your inner wisdom & power. 
    ✨ Radiate as your Dharma - your soul's purpose - is unlocked.​


    Your Personalized PDF Report reveals your most powerful qualities, expressions & challenges cultivated from your astrological birth chart, Human Design body graph, and Gene Keys profile.


    • "The What": All About your Aura. Natural expressions of your energetic design. How your energy operates in general & with others.


    • "The What": All About your Superpowers. Your 4 prime gifts are given to you to make your life more enjoyable & meaningful. 


    • "The How": Rituals & Recommendations. Learn how to align with your essence to create ease & flow, and realize when you're out-of-alignment.  
         ◦ Simple practices & tips to connect with your body, honor your energy, and create greater ease. 


    • "The Why": Inspirational mantras designed to support your strengths. Empowering beliefs to balance & align your energy.

    Authentic Essence Report

    • Personalized Report: 20-25 page PDF document.

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