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Custom Readings, 
Yoga &
Intuitive Coaching

Guided by Fire shines a light on your uniqueness

with our personalized readings, reports & coaching.

Gain clarity into your Energetic Design, Prime Gifts and Dharma (Soul's Purpose) with a reading or report inspired by Human Design, the Gene Keys, and astrology. 


Cultivate balance & harmony with our

Yoga Healing Services: private 1:1 lessons,

small group classes, and events - virtually & locally.

Enjoy Yoga from the Comfort of Your Home

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Interested in Yoga but not sure where to begin? 

Ease into a practice from the comfort of your home. 


1. Follow along at your own pace with our fully-guided YouTube videos.



2. Let's connect! Yoga Sessions, available virtually & in-person locally, include:

  • Private 1:1 Lessons

  • Small Group Classes

  • Special Events & Workshops


I'll meet you exactly where you are, tailoring a practice according to you. With grace & compassion, I'll guide you through movement & breath work supporting your goals.


Styles include Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga (using a chair / seated for all body types), Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yin, along with breath work practices & guided meditations. 

  • Youtube

Most Popular Services

Everything starts with you at this moment. 

There are so many beautiful things about you. 

You are worthy & deserving of the life you want. 

You're not behind. Your life is on time.

It's never to late to start over.

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Authentic Essence Reading

Align your Aura & Know your Energetic Design

Embody your Unique Superpowers to Shine

Simple Tips & Practices

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3 Reconnect Sessions


1:1 Coaching: Activate your Insights

Inspired Action with Accountability



"I can’t tell you how powerfully helpful your reading has been! It’s really provided me with this profound ease and reassurance around my power. Every time I encounter an obstacle, I remind myself of this gem from our session, “I’m a leader, I move the earth.” And, 💫 just like that, everything is alright."

Brie B.

"I am so grateful for my reading and report! My session came at the perfect time when I was questioning myself and my value.

I found the service provided to be uniquely insightful and unlike any other reading I have had. I appreciate the merging of cognitive qualities with spiritual/soulful ones. "

Ashley R.

"Thank you, thank you! My report is a treasure I'll continue to reference & return to when I need a boost or validation! It so wonderfully highlights aspects I often forget. I see the potential for this work to be timelessly revealing. I feel so fortunate to be your client!"

Michelle A.

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